When: Thursday, November 9th 5pm-8pm and Friday, November 10th 12:30pm -2:30pm (students dismissed at 11:24am)

You are invited to attend our Fall BHS Parent Teacher Conferences. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s academics and learn ways to support your child’s learning at home. You will sign up through our ‘Sign-Up Genius’ link above. All Middle School conferences will be 3 minutes per teacher. High School conferences are walk in only and will be 5 minutes per teacher. If you need additional time, you can schedule an appointment during our Tuesday Parent Outreach time between 3:05 -3:50pm. Parent Outreach Tuesdays is a way for our families to connect with teachers throughout the school year. You can find emails on Managebac and our website

Here’s what you NEED to Know about PTC’s:

Please arrive at 5:00 pm to meet your child’s advisor and pick up the progress report. If you arrive after 5:20 pm, you will pick up your child’s progress report in the main lobby then go directly to your scheduled appointments.

Art, Dance, Design and Physical Education are walk-in only. No sign-up needed.

There will be walk in slots available for other MS teachers but these are limited.

Tips to Navigate successfully through PTC’s:

Review your child’s progress report prior to your visit. All students will be given a hardcopy of their progress report to bring home. You can find this in their red advisory folder. Additional copies will be available if needed during the PTC.

After reviewing the progress report, schedule appointments with teachers of classes where your child needs additional support and an action plan of improvement.

Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointments.

Walk in appointments require that you sign up at the teacher’s door. If you are NOT there when called you forfeit your appointment slot.