Special Education

The Boerum Hill School for International Studies offers a child-centered program that provides meaningful and equitable access to the Middle Years Programme and Common Core curricula for all students. We understand that children develop at different rates and have a diverse range of learning abilities and needs. Through differentiating instruction, adaptations, and modifications, teachers ensure that all students have access to and are engaged in learning. We plan collaboratively across grades and departments in order to respond positively to each student’s unique learning profile.

Please see Inclusion Policy for more information.

At BHS, our School Based Support Team assists and supports families of students with special needs. Please reach out to them with questions regarding your child’s social, emotional and academic needs and services. 

Peter Dan, School Psychologist, Peter.Dan@k497.org

Abby Connolly, School Psychologist, AConnol@schools.nyc.gov 

Marine Putman, Speech Provider, Marine.Putman@k497.org

Jessica Feinman, Speech Provider, Jessica.Feinman@k497.org 


Additional Resources

Family Guide to Special Education Services (NYC DoE)

  • A helpful guide that explains the IEP process and timelines, as well as the services and resources for children with special needs.

Resources for Children with Special Needs
Advocates for Children
Parent to Parent

Understanding the New IEP, 2011